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Friday, July 14, 2017

Sulky Embroidery Thread

The 59 spools of Sulky embroidery thread I bought online a few days ago arrived today.  Since some of the thread was partially used, the lady sold the lot, plus the plastic Sulky thread box, at a good price -- $1.00 a spool, plus shipping.  She threw the case in free.

But either the person who used the thread didn't know what those little grooves at the top and bottom of each spool are for, or she simply didn't take the time to secure the thread ends in those grooves after using each spool.

The thread arrived raveled off the spools and tangled with other thread and on the spindles of the case.  What a mess.  I had to rewrap every spool of thread.  In so doing, I found some of it breaks easily.  It's all 40# thread, except for one spool of metallic.  Perhaps it's old and brittle?  Guess I'll find out when I start using it.  If my machine doesn't like it up on top, I'll use it in the bobbin.

But here it is.  The colors are pretty, at least!  And it's a nice case.  It will hold 104 spools.  

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