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Monday, April 24, 2017

Tangled Stars Table Topper

There is a wedding next Sunday evening.  We aren't related to the young couple, but we've been friends with them and their families since we were children, and they are friends with our children -- and the bride is a cousin of one of our sons-in-law and one of our daughters-in-law.

I have a gift for them... but I wasn't planning to make anything.  But... I've been making wedding gifts for our friends for several years now, ... and I finished Emma's quilt... and I have plenty of time to finish the coffeepot cozy for my great-nephew... 

And then EQ7 popped up right in front of my face, and what was I to do about it?  
Hmmmm... I have one week.  If I made big enough pieces, instead of those itty-bitty multi-pieced blocks I seem to have a penchant for, I just might have time for a table topper...

And here's what I came up with.  The pattern is called 'Tangled Stars'.  It's 43" x 43".  The colors may change; I don't know what colors the bride has in her kitchen.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Working on Coffeepot Cozy

A little bit is done on the coffeepot cozy... with a lot more to do.

Grandmother's Fan, with lace.  I still need to add pearls and hand embroidery -- both with floss and with silk ribbon.  I'm using the plain white fabric as a foundation.

Half of a Lemoyne Star.

Happily, the curved shape fits the coffeepot perfectly.  There are six gores.  Two will be cut to accommodate spout and handle.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Start of a Coffeepot Cozy

I've collected some things to start a quilted coffeepot cozy.
Does this look promising to you?

This is an ironstone coffeepot in the Federalist pattern, by Harmony House.

The turquoise/teal fabric will be the lining.

Let's see... I also need beads... pearls... embroidery floss... silk ribbon... Letraset Promarkers (silk dye)... Insul-Bright (insulated lining)...

Let the crazy quilting begin!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Polymer Clay Tac Pin

A friend's mention of jewelry made with a quilting design reminded me of a little tac pin a vendor gave me at the AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, back in 2013.

The lady, Jennifer Patterson, makes each piece of jewelry from clay, with a process almost like piecing a quilt.  On her website is a short video clip showing how she does it:

I went to take a picture of my pin, but it’s not where I generally put it – which means it’s still on the lapel of the suit on which I last wore it.  I’ll take a picture the next time that suit floats to the surface.  😉  (I use my clothes on a rotating basis:  hang them on the left, retrieve them from the right.)

M pin is so tiny (about half an inch square), it’s hard to believe the lady actually put each color together as a separate piece.  I had originally thought the pieces were painted – but no, she presses long shaped and colored pieces together in a long tube, then slices it.  Well, you can see what I mean on the video on her webpage. 

The design on my pin is the old-fashioned flower basket pattern, with lots of HSTs.  It’s green and white.  Pretty – but one of my least favorite colors, and right there in front of my nose was another little tac pin done with a Lemoyne star pattern in burgundy, cream, and navy.  I wanted that one!!!!!

But the man was giving me the pin, and my Mama taught me to be appreciative and polite, and I certainly didn’t want her turning in her grave, now did I?

Yeah, I could’ve bought it... but we were a long ways from home, making a vacation of our trip to the quilt show, with a long ways yet to go.  And we were counting every penny.  One would hate to spend the last night mopping a truck stop just to earn enough money for the last tank of fuel to get one home, wouldn’t one?  :-O

*     *     *

Okay, I couldn’t stand it any longer, and had to go look for my tac pin.  Hmmm...  it’s green, so I would put it on a suit lapel it would coordinate with ...  I peered into my closet, spotted a dark navy/gray/charcoal/purple plaid suit with a dark teal thread running through it, pulled it out a bit – and sho’ ’nuff, there was the pin.

So here are photos of it:

Friday, March 3, 2017

Findings While Cleaning

I've been cleaning Caleb's and Victoria's old rooms upstairs.  Look what I found -- little Suspenders Sam and Sunbonnet Sue cross-stitched circlets that I made years ago and hung on the wall in one of the babies' rooms. 

I also found a couple of treasures I got at a rock shop years ago while traveling in the mountains with my parents.  The 'rock' at bottom left is actually a slice of a geode, from an old volcano.

And just so you'll feel sorry for me, here's what I'm coping with.  This is Caleb's old room, and, while he left some things behind, Victoria also used it as a catch-all for things -- including furniture -- she didn't want in her room.

Everything in Victoria's room has now been sorted, organized, and either given to the Goodwill, or to one of the kids to whom it belongs, or thrown out, or put into plastic bins.  Most of the things in the bins are books and albums.  I will soon put all the books into bookcases, and then I'll start scanning photos in the albums.  I have well over 250 large albums full of photos.

The mattress and box springs is going to one of the grandsons.

This is the poor little office I used to use for computer work (before laptop), sewing, serging, and storing paperwork and a few clothes.  It used to be all nice and neat, but it, too, became a catch-all.  "No more!" she said, stamping her foot.

My oak roll-top desk.

 I also came upon one of my first old dolls, circa 1961 or so.  It's soft rubber, and still in good condition.  Looks like I need to make some doll clothes!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Monthly Hang-Ups

My daughter-in-law Amy found these at a secondhand store somewhere.  There are two sets of 12, two for each month.  September, October, November, and December were almost complete.  January through April had the appliqués fused to the background, and that was all.  I finished them, except for the wire.  I've ordered it; it will arrived in a few days.

Vintage button from my mother's button box.

Two vintage buttons from my mother's button box.

(I think the 'R' and 'I' stand for 'Reading' and 'Irregular Verbs'.) 😏

I was hand-stitching up the last little bits, turning them right side out as I went along, using my Oxmoor House point turner:

I sewed another block... turned it... reached for the point turner...

It was gone.

I looked high and low... and then I looked low and high.  I looked in the trash can.  I looked under my sewing machine.  I looked under my laptop.  I looked in the other sewing room.  I looked in my pockets.  I gave up and went for my other point turner, which isn’t quite as pointy.

Flash forward:

I finished stitching shut the hole on hanging block #6.  Reached over to lay it on the stack –

Uh, wuzzis?  There’s sumpthang sorta hard and plasticky inside this thing.




Quite so.  (In a Winnie-the-Pooh tone.)

So I ripped it back open and extracted my Oxmoor House point turner.

The end.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Coffee Cup Potholders, a Soup Tureen, and a Soup Ladle

This afternoon, I finished putting the binding on the coffee cup potholders.

The cups and 'steam' were cut with my new Sizzex eclips2 cutting machine that the children gave me for Christmas.

Just finished the striped candle last night, using melted wax from other candles, one layer at a time.  Right now the scent is pumpkin spice.

The fine china cup, saucer, and dessert plate used to be my mother's, and are quite old.

Quilting on potholder back

Scene on potholder back

Soup tureen we will also give the newlyweds.  I'll fill it with bags of Bear Creek soup.

The wooden ladle has been ordered and is on the way.